There is a really tough restaurant to find in the Ossington area tucker away behind Churchill bar, Hanmoto. They have a great cocktail menu with refreshing and interesting drinks like the Iggy Smalls, a gin based drink with grapefruit, citrus, and a hint of campari. It also looks really girly.


First out were the Moto eggs, with Ikaru, chicken skin, nori powder, and pickled chillies. These bite-sized morsels were rich in flavor, had a soft texture which was nicely balanced by the crispy chicken skin. The sweet sauce on top balanced the saltiness of the nori powder and fish eggs. The pickled chillies also added additional depth that puts this dish over the top.


Next was the salmon aburi, torched salmon on sushi rice, tobiko, scallions which are wrapped in seaweed. This dish is awesome! Fresh fish with a nice oily flavor as a result of the torching (brings out the cooked flavor), and complimented by the mix of other ingredients. The saltiness of the nori wrapped brings everything together into the perfect bite.


Next the Nasu dengaku – eggplant. The fried beets and miso hollandaise elevate the dish and each bite is a nice treat. It’s not light, but not heavy. Lots of flavor that hits you from a bunch of different angles.


Next the Katsu bun, a fried, breaded pork belly with a soy remoulade on a coco bun. It was hot and crispy with juicy pork and a sweet sauce on a nice light, fluffy bun. I would eat this for lunch every week if it were close to the office.


Last was the Dyno wing, which is basically a pork and bacon dumpling stuffed into a hallowed out chicken wing. It’s a little on the salty side but full of meaty goodness.


Hanmoto is pretty amazing! They don’t take reservations, it’s a tiny and cramped space, and you are surrounded by hipsters, but the food it worth it!


~ by jlowjlow on September 22, 2017.

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