I heard about a place in Toronto that imports fresh fish from Japan daily. Not sure if its true, but I thought I would try it out. Sushi Kaji is a bit of a trek from downtown but is definitely a gem on the west end. And you know what goes well with sushi? Beer!


First course was the Kuzu cake stuff with tomato with plum sauce. Fresh, cool and refreshing, and a light sweetness. Off to a good start.


Next was the Conch clam and mango sunomono. Nice, salty clam and beautifully plated. The mango is a nice touch to balance out the saltiness.


There were two sashimi courses. The first, raw tuna in sauce. The sauce was a little oily but very rich in flavor. I love the combination with the tuna. There is a bit of salt, sweet, and umami!


Then came the more tradition sashimi course: trout, bass, lobster, octopus, and tuna over a wakame salad. Again, super fresh, beautiful texture, lovely dish!


Next was the first cooked course, sauteed suzuki fish with burdock root soup. The fish melted in your mouth. The miso broth is a lovely compliment which has been duplicated throughout the city. I love me some miso cod!


Next was the deep fried fish cake wrapped with leek onion.  On the side was an additional shrimp roll. I’m not a huge fan of fish cakes but this one was super tasty! And the shrimp was great! Light, bouncy, and sweet!


Next, the grilled matsu fish, Saikyo style.  There were two potato croquettes with two sauces and grilled octopus with a fried cake. Soft, melt in your mouth fish, crispy croquettes was a nice contrast in texture and the octopus was perfectly cooked. The sauces added a richness and sweetness that brought everything together.


Now the sushi courses. The first was eel, with “unagi sauce”. Nicely torched with a sweet sauce. Perfect! One of the best pieces of eel I’ve had in the city.


Next up, Scallops! This may have been the first time I’ve had raw scallops! Soft texture, and lightly torched to bring out a nice buttery cooked flavor!


Next was the trout. Super fresh, great texture, good rice to fish ratio. Awesome!


This may have been the first time I’ve had lobster sushi! Although I’m pretty sure this was poached and not raw. It was fresh, light, buttery, sweet with a nice bounce! (I have a good friend who has described shrimp and lobster and being bouncy which really is the perfect description….I’m sure you know what I’m talking about).


Then the mystery fish. Not sure what this was because they said it really quickly and possibly in Japanese but it was light and delicious (fluke maybe?)!


The the classic salmon. Nothing to write home about but I feel like it just has to be in the mix. Freshness is key with salmon and this is on point!


Another classic, tuna! And it’s tuna belly! Fresh, fatty, rich and awesome!


Not sure where this came from but it was actually an awesome touch. A nice fresh breakup of the meal with a light Cucumber roll.


Then the Octopus. Interesting texture…I like it….it’s different….tastes different than cooked octopus. Hard to describe. Not as rich but still octopus-y. (Bond movie comes to mind….bad joke).


The last of the dinner course was an udon soup. Perfectly cooked noodles, light and slippery! The broth was nice and light but perfectly balanced with the flavor of the noodle. I find with udon soups you either taste too much noodle or too much broth. This balances both nicely.


Next the dessert courses. Dessert tea came out first! Refreshing and nice.


Next was the Yuzu shaved ice with a green tea macaroon. This was my favorite dessert of the group! The macaroon won’t rival the fancy french bakeries in town but where else can you get a green tea flavored one?


Last was the fruit jello with red beans and a macaroon. I’m not the biggest fan of red bean but the fruit jello brought me back to my childhood.


The prix fix meal is pretty pricey but it was awesome! The sushi is fresh, the cooked food is perfectly executed and well balanced, and the dessert is great! Overall, a fantastic meal if you are looking for a place to indulge. Some will say it is the best sushi place in the city. There are a lot of places that will give it a run for its money, but it is definitely among the top!


~ by jlowjlow on September 7, 2017.

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