Hawaiian Classics

Whenever I go to visit family in Hawaii I always indulge in a few local favorties. The first is Poke from the grocery store. We usually get our fix at Foodland but really you can find it everywhere. I here the Costco incarnation is quite good.


Fresh, flavorful, and incredible value. Half a pound for $6. Next on the list is Leonard’s Bakery (I had to settle for the food truck in Pearl City on tis trip) and Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck on the North Shore.


I’ve made malasadas at a charity event in Hawaii but I could never some close to matching these. Hot, sugery, doughy goodness. They are light, fluffy but still substantial enough that you only need a couple to reach satisfaction…or three or four (because they taste so good and I’m just being indulgent).

The shrimp truck on the North shore always has a long line and for a good reason. It’s fresh, hot and awesome! This may be some of the best shrimp you will ever have. There is the scampi, which is loaded with garlicky goodness and the spicy which packs a LOT of heat. Be careful. Some people get the hot sauce on the side but I just let them load it on. Then my mouth is numb for about an hour. Totally worth it! Lastly is Spam from Zippy’s, Loco moco from the airport (or really anywhere) and mana pua from Chun Wah Kam.


Zippy’s is a staple in Hawaii. Fried chicken, teri beef, it’s all good! Spam musubi was a staple growing up and I even make it at home whenever I miss Hawaii. A little bit of furikake spice, salty spam wrapped in seaweed, a nice snack on the go. Loco moco I’ve only ever had as a breakfast dish. It’s basically a hamburger patty topped with egg, over rice and smothered with gravy. Hawaiian “benny” perhaps? It’s AMAZING! This one came with a side of mac salad. Creamy goodness to clogs the arteries even more than the main dish. Manapua is basically a BBQ pork bun but this place fills it with everything from pork to chicken to curry. Again, classic goodness, great snack, or have two or three…maybe four or five for a gluttonous meal. The eats in Hawaii are truly awesome! It’s comfort food, not fine dining, but the rich classic flavors always hit the spot for me.





~ by jlowjlow on August 17, 2017.

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