Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

So I’m a big fan of fried chicken in all shapes and forms. In my experience, there are a few factors that weigh into the perfect piece of fried chicken: (1) quality of the meat, (2) quality and spice blend of the breading, and (3) freshness from the fryer. The problem with most fast food places is the freshness from the fryer and the low quality meat they use. The batter mix, like the Colonel’s secret recipe or Popeye’s spice blend, is excellent but it’s just a matter of getting the other two factors right. Enter a Taiwanese fried chicken joint, Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, a popular chain in Taiwan that has recently expanded into the Toronto market.


The white meat chicken breasts are pounded into a flat filet, breaded, fried, and then seasoned to perfection…all cooked to order which hits the freshness “fryer to mouth” criteria in spades. The Original large fried chicken with spicy seasoning is the signature dish.


Crispy, hot, juicy and loaded with flavor (I think there is fried garlic in the breading) with some nice spice. The heat builds as you work your way through the meal. It starts off mild, but builds to a decent level of heat once you hit the bone near the bottom of the filet. It’s also huge. The size of most people’s face. It’s juicier than most fried chickens you’ll eat, largely due to the freshness, but doesn’t taste greasy like a lot of fried chicken right out of the fryer. I’ve also had it with the seaweed seasoning which is nice but I prefer the heat. For people who can’t handle the heat, I would recommend the salt and pepper or the seaweed which are both lovely. Another option aside from the original signature blend is the Large fried chicken with specialty BBQ sauce.


Again, it’s fresh and juicy. The sauce adds a nice, sweet BBQ flavor. The breading absorbs the BBQ sauce quickly so it’s not as crispy but the saucy flavor is a nice change. It’s like wanting saucy chicken wings versus dry wings. It’s a matter of preference. I like both so it would depend on my mood. Next is the Crispy large fried chicken.


This has an amazing crunch to it! The breading is slightly thicker than the original but wow, again driven by the freshness from the fryer, a wicked crunch! The spice blend adheres well and the chicken is as juicy as the other incarnations. I figure since they do fried food well, the Fries and Chicken Popcorn are probably a good bet.


The fries are crisp, and meaty (or potatoey). The chicken popcorn are nicely fried morsels of mostly dark meat chicken. The breading is crisp, the spice blend is as good as the other larger pieces, and the meat is juicy. The drinks on the menu are interesting. First is the Passion fruit soda.


Sweet but not too sweet. I’m told not to shake it because I’m sure the gas would blow the top off. The passion fruit is tasty however a little too diluted with the soda. The Green apple yogurt is not diluted at all.


Super tasty. I wouldn’t say it’s thick like a milkshake but it doesn’t have a water-like consistency (definitely thicker). Rich, sweet and sour apple flavor. I like it! The Sunrise Strawberry Soda is more like the passion fruit soda.


It has a nice flavor I just wish there was more of it. A little too diluted and you can’t shake it because it might blow up the served package.

Overall, Hot Star Large Fried Chicken serves up some wicked hot (fresh), tasty fried chicken! When I judge by my three criteria, it hits all three points. Fresh, white meat chicken and while the bone is annoying to work around near the end, it also adds flavor! The batter and the spice blend is a “pick your own adventure” type of situation which works on all levels. The Original is crisp and delicious, the BBQ sauced is saucy but the fried nature still holds up, and the crispy is just super crispy while still being able to hold the spice. And the sides and yogurt based drinks are solid. I’ve never been to Taiwan, but if this is how they do friend chicken, I may need to make a trip soon!


~ by jlowjlow on August 4, 2017.

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