Halal Guys (Toronto and NYC)

At work I used to sit next to a young man who’s favorite meal was chicken and rice. Simple taste, protein rich and enough carbs to fuel his daily workouts. The dude was huge! When I think “chicken and rice”, I think Halal Guys. I actually stumbled on to the original NYC food cart a number of years ago while staying at the Hilton in midtown. I walked out of my hotel and saw a line stretching down the block (a NYC avenue block and trust me, it’s much longer than a street block). I decided to give it a go and have had cravings for it ever since.

They recently opened a location in Toronto. The first few weeks, pictures of lines around the block filled the social media world. They have sandwiches, falafel, but most people go for the meat combos on rice. Below is the gyro, chicken combo on rice. Gyro beef, chicken, a bit of veg, pita slices on rice topped with the GLORIOUS white sauce and hot sauce (and when I say “hot” I actually mean HOT).


The meat is juicy and the veg is fresh and crisp. It’s the white sauce that crushes it and makes this dish special and the hot sauce is something else (if you like heat, which I do). It’s creamy, nicely spiced, perfect texture to soak into the meat without being to watery. And the hot sauce, WOW, it’s got some heat! I can take my spice and this makes me sweat a bit. And this was just two small squirts.

To compare, a friend of mine asked me to compare it to NYC on a recent trip. Here is the chicken combo from the original Halal guys cart in NYC.


So good! The meat is a little juicier and there is twice as much. SOOOO much meat! The pita slices were also left on the flat top little longer which crisped them up. Some people may like that (like me) but others may like the softer version from Toronto. They also let you have sauce control with bottles on the side of the cart. On this trip I may have been a little overzealous with the hot sauce, but I LOVE IT!! If you are in NYC and looking for cheap and delicious chicken and rice, I can’t think of a better place. In Toronto, if you have the craving (like I do frequently) this is enough to get your fix without having to make a trip south of the border.


~ by jlowjlow on July 13, 2017.

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