Adamson BBQ

So I’ve been on a bit of a BBQ fix lately. Rumor has it a place in Toronto has modelled itself after Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas, one of the best BBQ joints in America. My friend and I made it out to Leslieville to check it out. Buried in a sea of warehouses and office buildings, we saw a long line snaking out of one of the buildings. We arrived at 11am, right at opening, and we still had to wait an hour in line.

We ordered the Texas Trinity platter for 2. Half pound of brisket, half pound of ribs, sausage, coleslaw, beans, potato salad, and a s’more pie.


Just watching them cut through the juicy brisket has you salivating at the counter. We were lucky enough to get one of the burnt ends too. Incredible!! Amazing rub, thick slices, and fat marbled through the whole piece. Best brisket I’ve had in my life! Beefy, peppery, smokey, and oh so juicy! The tenderness of the beef is truly magical!

The ribs, awesome! I don’t understand how it is even possible to get ribs infused with so many great flavors, like the smoke and rub, and still have it be so moist! It’s fall off the bone good. These may be the best ribs in the city!

For the sausage, we decided to go with the jalapeno and cheese curd. It had some nice heat and tons of flavor. I think I preferred the sausage at Cherry street but this was still amazing!

The sides were all great. The coleslaw was a little creamier than some of the city’s coleslaw counterparts and the coolness cut the heavy meat and smoke flavor nicely. The potato salad had a tasty zing. The beans were good. Better than Heinz in a can (which don’t get me wrong, is already pretty good…or maybe it just brings me back to my childhood).

The S’more pie was delightful! Light marshmallow that was whipped like cream or a merengue, the chocolate was nice a fudgey and the graham cracker at the bottom completed the whole bite! A nice sweet treat at the end of the meal.

We also ordered a pulled pork sandwich on the side. Nice spice rub and smoky pork. It wasn’t as fatty as some incarnations I’ve had recently but still juicy and delicious. The bun was perfect. Super soft, absorbed the meat fat but didn’t turn to mush. It’s loaded with slaw and pickle slices which adds nice texture and flavors to the meat bomb. I only was able to eat half and let me just say that reheating it the next day, it holds up nicely.


I also got an order of chopped brisket to go. I haven’t opened it up yet but if it is half as good as any of the dishes we had, it will definitely satisfy my BBQ craving in the comfort of my own home. Now I’ll come right out and say, I hate waiting in line for food! Adamson BBQ totally worth it! It’s hard to imagine BBQ being any better than this. I guess I’ll have to make a trip to Texas someday and find out.


~ by jlowjlow on May 7, 2017.

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