Cherry Street BBQ

I’m always on the look out for good BBQ. There seems to be a recent wave of BBQ places opening up in Toronto which makes this guy super excited. After hearing some good reviews about Cherry Street BBQ, I thought I would check it out. Holy crap! This place is awesome!

If you like caesars, the Pit Smoke Caesar might be one of the best in the city.IMG_7579.jpg

No special Clamato or Walter’s mix needed. They have a bottle of this brownish liquid they add which I assume gives it a delicious smokey flavor. Adding the succulent side rib is also a bonus and adds a nice peppery flavor to the concoction. Another must try is the pulled pork sandwich.


This may be some of the juiciest pulled pork I’ve had in my life. The fat came shooting out the back of the sandwich after eat bite. So good! The beef brisket is also amazing!


So tender! Let’s put it this way, I pinched it between my fingers and began to pull it towards me and it fell apart. Nice spice blend at the edges, wonderful smokey flavor and marbled fat throughout. Can’t go wrong. Also get the side of BBQ beans.


Just the right amount of sweetness, smoke, and meaty richness. These may be the best baked beans I’ve ever had. On another visit we tried the baby back ribs.


Huge portion size for half a rack. Sweet, smokey, good texture. It’s not fall off the bone tender but holds up well and is super tasty. We tried the side of coleslaw.


It’s a nice cool side that cuts the richness of the meat. Very nice side to a very meaty meal. Next, the Mac and cheese.


Perfectly cooked al dente. Nice and cheesy. Nothing to write home about but a nice option on the menu if you are looking for something rich that isn’t meat. In the next photo I meant to get the sausage but the framing was mostly brisket.


The sausage, which regularly sells out quickly, is amazing! The meat is so juicy, the casing has a nice snap and it’s also filled with melted cheese. You get a nice long cheese pull with each bite. My friend got it caught in her hair. It was awesome!

I just realized I said everything on the menu is a “must try”…which is absolutely true! I suggest going with a big group so you can try EVERYTHING! This place is amazing! Seriously, just look at this spread! It’s heaven on a tray!



~ by jlowjlow on April 30, 2017.

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