Sushi Samba (Las Vegas)

So Vegas is a dangerous place. A ton of value traps telling you they have good food for cheap. Mind you in my experience, $9 prime rib, kind of awesome! But what about the rest. I took some friends to Sushi Samba, a somewhat pricey place but it’s Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian fusion. How often do you get that?

My insides were on fire from the weekend of fun festivities but I thought this might cool it down. The Lychee Cooler – vodka, elderflower and vanilla syrup, shaken with lychee juice, and coconut milk.


It was delicious. Tastes exactly what is sounds like. Cool, refreshing, hints of floral flavors and sweet but not too sweet. Next, the yellowtail, avocado, roasted corn miso, crispy taquito with spicy aji panca sauce.


Talk about fusion awesome-ness! Crispy taquito, with the freshness of yellowtail sashimi, with all the other compliments (onions and a weird but delicious foam for topping), it’s just a thing of beauty. Next, shishito, grilled spicy peppers with sea salt and lemon.


Spicy, fresh and delicious. Perfectly seasoned and a generous portion. Next, the tuna ceviche with grapefruit juice, jalapeno and almonds.


The fish was fresh and tasty, and the pickled veg was a nice compliment. This dish disappeared quickly.  The next plate came with the whole grilled squid with lemon aioli, Miso sea bass antichuchos skewers and Peruvian corn.


The sea bass was amazing! Miso and white fish go so well together. The grilling gave it a lovely texture and extra char flavor (and some carmelization). The octopus was awesome. Not rubbery and went great with the aioli. The corn was like candy. Sweet and delicious! I’ve also never seen corn kernels this big. Below is the El Topo samba roll with salmon, jalapeno, shiso leaf, red onion, fresh melted mozzarella and crispy onion.


I thought cheese on sushi would be weird but this works. A lot of different textures from the smooth cheese to crunchy onions. The sauce was sweet and mixed well with the fish. Next were the Samba strip roll with Maine lobster, mango, avocado, soy paper, lotus root chips, aji honey truffle and the Sao Paulo roll with scallop, masago, red onion, tuna, salmon, shrimp, whitefish, avocado, truffle, hacho miso soy, chimichurri.


First comment was you can really taste the truffle. So good! Second, yes, it’s as good as it looks. The combinations were excellent. Not your standard sushi rolls but everything melds so well together. I’ll definitely find my way back here the next time I’m passing through town.

~ by jlowjlow on April 29, 2017.

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