China Poblano (Las Vegas)

In a bit of a morning haze in Vegas (are there any others?) I was searching for food. The staff at the Cosmo told me to try Egg Slut. As I walked up I saw a line snaking around the corner and what looked to be an at least 2 hour wait. I needed to eat now so I stumbled upon China Poblano. And boy, am I glad I did.


I was perusing the menu, which was filled with tons of delicious-sounding food, but it came to the point where I just told the staff, “feed me!”. The Chef’s menu was at hand. First up, Tuna ceviche – ahi tuna tossed with soy dressing, toasted pecans, cilantro, red onions and Fresno chiles, topped with crispy amaranth.


It had thick chunks of fresh tuna cut into nice thick cubes like Hawaiian poke. The soy gave it a bit of an Asian flair but the Fresno chiles gave it a nice kick that was balanced by the creaminess of the avocado and light greens. The crispy amaranth was a nice touch that gave it a nice textured crunch. A+ in my mind! It set the bar high for what was to come.  Next, the Sui mai – juicy pork, shrimp topped with gold leaf.


This thing was tiny but a flavor bomb! Juicy pork, soft chewy noodle wrapper, nicely spiced with Asian spices and a gold leaf just for “fancy-ness”. Oh Vegas Cosmo… Next, the Palmitos salad – fresh Hawaiian palm hearts, grapefruit, orange, radish and avocado, tamarind dressing.


All I have to say is WOW (and this is coming from someone who is generally averse to salad)! Fresh, cool, refreshing, but again, a small hint of spice which gave it a nice little kick! Cool and refreshing… and BAM! Heat! I love spicy food so this works really well for me. Again, mix in the big chunks of avocado, it’s creaminess is the right stuff to balance out this dish. Next, the fried wonton – shrimp, pork and sesame sauce.


Crispy shell, very juicy meat. Well above average wonton. The hoisin and sesame was a nice touch to add some more complex flavors. Overall, a nice bite in the meal and nice after a super fresh salad (they time this stuff right!). Shenyang squash salad – butternut squash, pickled wood ear, daikon, sesame dressing.


I was expecting “meh” from butternut squash. But Wow! This exceeded my expectations. The pickled flavors of the veg, a small hint of spice, and a nice crunch from the Daikon all melded into a delicious dish. This was actually a nice side dish to all the other dishes in the meal as I picked at it while eating some of the heavier dishes like the Shrimp mojo – gulf shrimp sauteed in with dried chiles, shallots, sweet black garlic and finished with roasted poblano “rajas”.


This shrimp was excellent! Juicy, sweet, however the natural flavor of the shrimp, which becomes a background taste, is masked by the delicious garlic, chile and poblano flavors, which are dominant and delicious. The next dim sum dish, When Pigs Fly – steamed bun with Chinese barbecue pork.


I watched a single employee through me whole meal who only stuffed these buns. Juicy, flavorful, and awesome are the good points. Small and …those would be the only complaints. At this point, I’m getting really full, but next comes out the Green beans with garlic and almonds.


Awesome veg dish! Enough said. Simple and tasty. Next a signature dish, Twenty vegetable fried rice – fried rice with pea shoots and twenty seasonal vegetables including mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, onions, microgreens, etc.


This may be some of the best fried rice I’ve had. So much veg and with different flavors. The way I’ve always viewed fried rice was that you throw in leftovers and just mix it up. Here, apparently their leftovers are amazing tasty vegetables. The last non-dessert dish was Bistec con mole amarillo y hongos – grilled hanger steak with Oaxacan mole with a blend of roasted mushrooms.


The mole made this dish, interesting. The meat was cooked perfectly and it was juicy and lovely, The mushrooms are always a good compliment to steak. The mole, that’s what made this different. Some would like it for the complexity, some would not like it for it’s weirdness. I can understand both. But needless to say, good beef! There were two desserts, at which point my stomach was about to burst. The first was, Creamy sticky mango pudding topped with crunchy puffed rice.


Lovely creamy taste with sweetness from the mango combined with the crunchy texture of the crunchy puffed rice. A perfect light dessert. They also brought a Churros filled with cream in hot chocolate sauce.


Fresh donut, filled with fresh creme, and dipped in a hot chocolate sauce….can you really go wrong?

China Poblano in Vegas is awesome! They have a drink menu as well with specialty drinks but given my condition at the time, probably not the best idea. But to get the Chef’s menu, GOLDEN!

~ by jlowjlow on April 24, 2017.

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