Beast for Brunch – Indulgent and Gluttonous

A few friends and I decided to grab brunch at Beast, a small converted home with delicious meat-centric dishes.

We started with a round of Caesars ($5 per drink, not bad) and a couple of Rachelle’s donuts.  We had their signature maple bacon donut (below on the right) and the s’more donut (below on the left).


The maple bacon donut was excellent.  It had the savouriness of the bacon balanced nicely but the sweetness of the maple.  The donut dough was good.  Not as good as a Krispy Kreme fresh out of the fryer but better than a Tim Horton’s donut.

Below is the huervos rancheros with corn tortillas, chorizo, bean salad, avocado puree, tomato -red chile sauce, sheep’s milk feta, two sunny side up eggs and house potatoes.


I didn’t try this but my friend seemed to enjoy it and she has a pretty high standard for breakfast food.  I tried some of the tomato-red chile sauce.  Pretty flavourful and I would imagine with the cheese, chorizo and eggs it pops.

Below is the corned beef tongue scramble with semi-cured tomatoes, gruyere, garlic scape pesto with a buttermilk biscuit and potatoes.


The tomatoes add an interesting tartness to the bouncy eggs and savoury beef chunks.  Overall, it was a pretty standard scramble.  The biscuit was nice and buttery and adding the hot sauces and house made ketchup (all three of which were awesome) added a needed kick.

Below is the crispy pork hocks tossed in keycap manis and served with kimchi, two eggs, toast and house potatoes.


Now this was a tasty dish.  As a single bite, it was probably the tastiest thing we ate and probably one of the tastiest things I’ve biten into in a while.  The hocks are crispy, savoury, and full of fatty flavor.  The texture is complex with a nice crunch on the outside and buttery, meaty inside.  The sauce underneath was sweet, balancing the saltiness of the hock.  The kimchi adds a nice spiciness and the eggs round out the rest of the dish.

Below is the beastwich, a buttermilk biscuit barely able to hold the fried chicken thigh, pimento cheese, a fried egg smothered in pork sausage gravy and served with house potatoes.


This dish was the highlight of the meal for us.  The chicken was crisp, well seaonsoned  and juicy on the inside.  A perfect piece of fried chicken.  The pork gravy is rich and packed with flavor (I would drink this stuff if it wouldn’t kill me).  Mixed all together with the buttery biscuit and fried egg, each bite was an overindulgent heart-attack-in-a-bite.  Sooo tasty.  Throw on some of the vinegary hot sauce, perfecto!

The meal was served with a variety of condiments, two types of hot sauce and a house made ketchup.


The bottle on the left is a smoky hot sauce.  It went really well with the eggs and potatoes.  The middle hot sauce was more on the vinegary side and went really well with the fried chicken.  The ketchup, house made, is a little on the sweeter side with a hint of smoke.

Now breakfast and brunch food usually isn’t the healthiest of meals but Beast takes gluttony to a whole new level…and I like it.

~ by jlowjlow on August 25, 2013.

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