Porchetta and Co.

Several years ago there was a rumour running around the city.  There is a sandwich made from pork, wrapped in pork, wrapped in pork… I think I fainted as soon as I heard it.  Then I sought to eat this sandwich.

The porchetta sandwich at Porchetta and Co is a marinated pork shoulder in a medley of spices including rosemary, sage, garlic oil and lemon zest.  The shoulder is wrapped in prosciutto and then wrapped in cured pork belly.  The creation is roasted at 400 F for half an hour to give a nice crust and it is slow cooked for several hours.  The meat is cut and put on a Caldense Bakery sourdough bun.

You can get the plain sandwich or have it with truffle sauce, parmesan, grainy mustard and hot sauce.  Truffle sauce you say?  That’s the Jeopardy answer to “This makes all food awesome.”

Above is the open sandwich.  Below is the completed sandwich.

The sandwich is small but packed with flavour.  The meat is crispy, salty and oh so porky.  The mustard, truffles and hot sauce add unbelievable depth of flavour and the bun….I’ve only had a better sandwich bun at the Black Camel.  This sandwich is A+.


~ by jlowjlow on June 10, 2013.

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