Delux – Cubano Oh-Mano!

In search of brunch, my sister and I ended up going through the distillery district, little Italy and finally ended up on Ossington strip.  I’ve been interested to find out about a Cubano sandwich place I’d been hearing about and what it tasted like.  On this trip, I got a taste of the sandwich and more.

We ordered a couple drinks to start.  My sister had the mango mimosa and I had a caesar.  I had to go to a bachelor party later this day so I thought I would get an early start.

The mango mimosa wasn’t too sweet and was very refreshing.  Couldn’t taste the vodka in the caesar but it did have a nice tabasco kick to it.  To start we decided to try the conch fritters.  The waitress had described them as the savory morsels inside those big conch shells, breaded and fried.  Really how could you go wrong.

For something fried, it was not greasy at all and the texture was just lovely.  Chewy with a soft, warm and almost creamy inside.  Savory, just like the waitress described.  This definitely set the bar high for any future conch fritters I’ll ever have.  As our mains we decided we decided to go half and half on two sandwiches.  The first is the places specialty, the pressed Cubano sandwich.

The bread was hot and crisp, right of the panini press.  The balance of flavorful meat, gooey cheese, thinly sliced baby dills, mustard and some other sauce was amazing.  Although the picture looks like it’s a meat heavy sandwich, which it is, the flavors balance perfectly and you get a nice hit of every ingredient with each bite.  We also shared the Cuban Medianoche, cider cured pork shoulder, ham and gruyere on a fresh baked soft bun.

The sandwiches were very similar in terms of taste and ingredients.  The big difference is the bun.  Freshly baked and soft as butter.  “Wow” is the only word to describe it.  In all honesty, both sandwiches were great.  I guess it would depend on my mood in terms of which one I would order on a follow up visit.  Am I in the mood for a soft bun or crunchy panini pressed bread?  Maybe next time I’ll flip a coin to decide.  No matter the outcome, I won’t be disappointed.  On the side we shared an order of ripe fried plantains.

Sweet but not too sweet, soft and chewy texture, warm and comforting.  A win, win, win.  We got talked into dessert and coffee.  My sister had the Cuban coffee while we shared an order of donuts, made fresh to order.

I didn’t try the coffee but my sister described it as strong.  She finished the whole thing so I’m assuming it was pretty good.  No complaints on her end.  The donuts were hot, fresh out of the fryer.  Reminded me of those mini donuts you can get at the fair except they are a little less doughy and heavy.  I liked it but it’s nothing to write home about.

Loved the conch fritters, loved the sandwiches, loved the plantains, loved the friendly welcoming service.  Delux…delightful…delicious.  Alliteration… the world should use more of it.  The world should also be making more tasty sandwiches like these too.

~ by jlowjlow on May 13, 2011.

One Response to “Delux – Cubano Oh-Mano!”

  1. I came across your blog when I tried to look up info on George Brown’s classes (I left a comment on your post btw). I was just looking at Delux’s menu and was wanting to check it out and this post is very encouraging. It’s always nice finding Toronto blogs, I’ll be back!

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