Scaramouche – Lobsterlicious!

It was my sister’s birthday this last week so our friend booked a reservation for the last day of lobsterlisicous at Scaramouche….and lobsterlicious it was!  OK, a little cheesy.  I took these pictures off other people’s websites since we didn’t take any pictures.  Here is the prix fix menu:

Most the our dinner party had the lobster bisque.  Logical choice in my mind.  Rich, smooth, warm, a lovely start to a good meal.  I decided to try the lobster lasagna because I like to be adventurous that way.

The lobster lasagna had large chunks of lobster, buttery and delicious.  The pasta was cooked perfectly (al dente) and the lemon hollandaise was rich and flavorful.  The spinach was a nice lighter balance and healthy-ed up the dish.  An excellent start to the meal.  I tried the lobster bisque and was a little disappointed.  It was rich, buttery and creamy with big chunks of lobster but I found it too be too salty.  Not just a little salty, but really salty.  Next, most of us had the butter poached lobster as a main.

All I can say if phenomenal!  Huge portion and perfectly cooked.  I hate it when you spend a lot of money on lobster and it comes out overcooked and rubbery.  This was not that case here.  So rich, so meaty, so tasty!  The potatoes were well seasoned and the king oyster mushrooms were a lovely compliment to the dish.  My sister had the lobster risotto.  It basically looked the same as above but on top of risotto instead of potatoes.  I only had a bite of the risotto but I thought it was delicious!  Not as buttery as I would have expected but very tasty.  I think if it were more buttery the dish would have been too buttery so it worked.  For dessert most of the table had the Creme Brulee.

There were mixed views on this dessert.  The torched sugary layer on top varied by dish.  Most were done perfectly while some were a little overdone, tasting like burnt marshmallows.  The creme inside was rich….very rich.  A lot of egg, a lot of  cream, a lot of butter.  We all agreed it was very flavorful but some thought it was a little too heavy.  I have a tendency to prefer lighter desserts but I can see why people say this is the best tasting creme brulee in the city.  It is VERY tasty and VERY rich.  I had the soft pistachio meringue and thought it was delightful!  It was light, fluffy and had a lot of very unique and interesting flavors.  The bottom layer was very candy like, reminded me of something from a corner store candy section but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Delicious non-the-less.

Great meal!  This has been my second trip to Scaramouche and my first for lobsterlicious.  Scaramouche has yet to disappoint.

~ by jlowjlow on April 3, 2011.

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