The Grilled Cheese – I’m All Blissed Out!

Two pieces of bread + Cheese + Grilled = Amazing

The math simply speaks for itself.  I have fond memories of Kraft single cheese slices pressed between two buttered pieces of wonder bread coming off the frying pan.  The Grilled Cheese in Kensington market takes the grilled cheese sandwich to a whole other level.

The place is tucked away on Nassau street and kind of looks like a sketchy shack from the outside.  However, once you enter the place is packed with patrons sitting at picnic tables or a counter that faces outside.  The walls are lined with jars of preserved vegetables and there is a old school stove with a fire burning in the corner.  The place is cozy, warm and very welcoming.

Here is the menu.  In all honesty, everything looked delicious!  I’ll probably make several trips back here to try the entire menu.  On my first visit, I decided to try something very basic.  The classic grilled cheese with aged cheddar, Monterey Jack and mozzarella(?) however I also added tomatoes and bacon. I don’t think this is on the menu anymore.

They are very generous with the cheese so each bite just oozes with cheesy goodness.  The tomatoes were a little tart but worked well with the sandwich.  The bacon…perfection!  Crisp but not over cooked and just the right amount of grease.  The bread was panini pressed, crisp on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside.  This past weekend I went with my sister and we tried some of the fancier options.

This is the BEAST.  Jalepeno havarti, cheddar, bacon, turkey, onion, tomatoes and spinach.  Yes it tastes as good as it sounds, maybe even better.  The cheese and bacon are the dominant flavors however the turkey, onions, tomatoes and spinach add some wonderful background flavors, almost refreshing flavors contrasting the heavier cheese and bacon flavors.  Everything was cooked to perfection and tasted great.  My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.

This is the Grill Worx.  Provolone, Swiss, Portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers and onions.  This sandwich was amazing.  I’m having trouble deciding which I like better between this one and the beast.  The portobello mushrooms are good in just about everything, providing a strong flavor that works with the the flavor-rich cheeses.  The onions added a nice mild flavor but the roasted red peppers were the shocking surprise in the this sandwich.  Whoever thought of adding the roasted red pepper flavor into the mix is a genius!  It added a whole new dynamic to the sandwich.  Without it, I probably would have said that the sandwich was a little on the milder side however the addition of the peppers changes the whole experience for the better.  It adds a whole other layer of taste complexity.  It’s an exciting sandwich.

So let’s re-do the math:

Cheese + Bread + MIX OF AWESOME INGREDIENTS + Grilled = Utter Bliss!

~ by jlowjlow on March 28, 2011.

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