A Sandwich at Any Hour – Reggie’s

I have recently undergone surgery which has limited my mobility.  My friends have been kind enough to deliver food and pay visits on the weekend.  During the week, when I am remotely working from home, I find my meals have become somewhat redundant and uninteresting.  There is only so much canned/frozen Costco food one can take.  I’ve recently gotten back into making myself sandwiches for lunch.  The sandwich allows me to prepare something relatively quickly while still being able to add some sort of variety or zest to my meal (as my fridge is half filled with condiments).  While I was enjoying a turkey sandwich for lunch today I got to thinking about a 24 hour sandwich shop on King St., Reggie’s Old Fashion Sandwiches.

I remember my first experience at Reggie’s a couple summers ago.  I thought the counter looked kind of ghetto with the laminated particle board but soon turned my attention to the very friendly service and menu options.  I asked the girl behind the counter what she recommended.  She recommended the turkey since they just pulled the bird out of the oven. “You have an actual bird back there?!” I exclaimed.  I had gone on to mention that I kind of felt like something with bacon in it but a fresh turkey is hard to turn away from.  The girl then suggested that they would throw together a turkey club for me.  Off menu item!  What service!  They flung my order down a wire and I waited about ten minutes to indulge.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on me at the time but let me say the sandwich was a work of art.  Warm baguette bread lightly dressed with mayo, fresh moist turkey, crisp and salty bacon, fresh firm tomatos…what more can one ask for in a sandwich.  Easily one of the best sandwiches I’ve had.  On the side I tried the deep fried mac and cheese….seemed like a good idea at the time but was a little too salty for my liking.

Admittedly none of my other experiences at Reggie’s has quite lived up the first one but then again, I always leave satisfied (except maybe once).  On another occasion, I tried the Monte Cristo: ham, roast turkey, swiss, mozzarella, dijon mustard and mayo.

I don’t think I had ever ordered a Monte Cristo sandwich up to this point.  To me it was like a fancy grilled cheese sandwich with meat.  I liked grilled cheese, I like meat, I like this sandwich.  It’s not a like a grilled cheese the THE Grilled Cheese (the place in Kensington) but it’s still pretty good.

On another occasion I decided to try their fanciest sounding sandwich on the menu, Duck Confit and Brie.  It had duck meat, sweet cherry tomatoes, julienne apples and brie cheese.

The duck wasn’t quite what I expected in the sandwich and was almost overshadowed by the other ingredients.  The tomatoes and the apples had a strong flavor that was balanced nicely by the smooth flavor of the brie.  I almost expected a bit more saltiness out of the duck…or maybe more fat.  Overall I thought it was pretty good but I just felt like the duck itself wasn’t really present.

I had a craving for pulled pork one weekend and didn’t want to trek up to the Black Camel or way over to the Stockyards so I thought I would try the one at Reggie’s (in hindsight, I realize that the black camel is just as far but there is always the risk that it would be closed….Reggie’s is always open). The pulled pork sandwich was topped with caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese.

I was a little disappointed in this particular sandwich.  The pork was a little on the dry side and wasn’t very hot which is why the cheese didn’t melt.  The onions had a nice flavor to it but the bbq sauce fell a little short for me.  Not enough punch.  The bread was also unimpressive.  Maybe it’s because I’m comparing it to the Black Camel (I love the Portuguese buns they use).

When helping my sister move a couple months ago we decided to get take-out on our way back from furniture shopping.  My sister had the Proccuitto and Salami which also comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo ad pickle relish.

Now this picture doesn’t do this sandwich justice since they PILE on the meat.  At it’s apex, I doubt it could fit in my mouth.  My sister could only finish half of it there was so much meat.  I had a bite too….delicious.  Full of meaty goodness.  I had the chicken club.

Pretty standard club sandwich with shaved chicken breast meat which is always a plus (not a big fan of the big logs the delis slice from).  The bacon was also exceptional, much like the first club at had here.  I do love the bread.  Crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.  Love the varying texture.

I would still like to go back and try the steak sandwich, the corned beef, the roast beef with sauerkraut, the hickory chicken with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese, and maybe the egg salad.  Egg salad is a big gamble because it can either be awful (gone bad) or truly amazing.  Based on prior experience at this place, I’d be willing to give it a shot.


~ by jlowjlow on February 23, 2011.

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