Deep Fried What?!

Several weeks ago a few friends and I went to the CNE.   There had been a lot of buzz about one particular item at the fair this year: deep fried butter.  After checking out the award winning vegetables and the disappointing “Globe of Death” we waited in the longest line at the fair…the line for the food stand to get some deep fried butter.

Fair food is traditionally unhealthy.  Those mini donuts floating in a river of oil before being covered in sugar, deep fried mac and cheese, corn dogs, churros…  This stand however was something special:

Our group only tried the deep fried butter but we did get to observe and talk to people who tried some of the other items.  When querying a couple about the chocolate covered bacon they simply said, “Well if you like bacon and like chocolate, the you would like this.  It tastes like bacon and chocolate.”

Was it really worth waiting in line for 45 minutes?  Well, it was worth waiting around to see the reaction of the people trying this little confection.  It started off with a smile just before they are about to put the little balls in their mouth.  Then a quizzical look as they chewed.  Then either laughter, delight or disgust.  I think everyone feels the same once they’ve tried it… those who laugh think I can’t believe I’m doing to this myself but laugh about the whole situation.  Those who are delighted probably think I can’t believe I’m doing this to myself but this butter tastes so good.  Those with the look of disgust only think I can’t believe I’m doing this to myself.

So how does it taste?  Well it reminded me of eating a donut…. just instead of a jelly filling it was butter.  The outside was fluffy, sugary and buttery.  And the butter filling…well was butter filling.  Would I eat it again?  Probably not for mostly health reasons.  Was it worth trying at least once… OH YEAH!

~ by jlowjlow on September 19, 2010.

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