Brunch at The Hoof Cafe – A Carnivore’s Delight

A friend of mine from home was passing through town on his way to Iceland a couple weeks ago and we grabbed brunch at Hoof Cafe.   “This place is a vegan’s nightmare” I had commented after looking at the menu.  My friend replied, “Well, if there’s a pig on the sign, they should know what they are getting into”.

To start, we had jelly filled bone marrow donuts.  They arrived at the table piping hot and lightly tossed in sugar.  The dough was warm, soft and delicious.  The bite sized delights were filled with a rhubard(?) and vanilla filling that had a nice tang to it.  I don’t know what bone marrow is supposed to taste like but I do know these donuts are delicious!

I had the suckling pig benny.  Of the items on the menu, this is a safe and fairly non-adventurous choice which is typically unusual for me.  At the time I was just craving a benny and seeing as how hollandaise sauce it really difficult to make, I like to indulge in the benny most chances I get.  The eggs were perfectly poached and the biscuits were fresh and nicely toasted, crisp but still soft and doughy enough to soak up the sauce.  The hollandiase was smooth and silky.  I admire great textures like this, especially in sauces.  The pork meat was tender and juicy.  This may not have been the best benny I’ve had but it definately makes the top three… and I’ve eaten a lot of bennys.  The side salad was light and refreshing.  The veggies were fresh and I loved the tasty pork rinds it was topped with.

My dining companion across from we had the blood sausage crepe.  She was kind enough to let me have a bite and I must say, blood sausage it goooood.  The meat had a rich and complex flavor and mixed with the light floury crepe…Wow.

Our other friend ordered the French toast.  They give you the option to add foie gras which doubles the price of the dish.  My friend opted out of the foie gras but when the dish arrived, there it was!  We told our waitor about the mistake and he told us it was his fault and let us have it for free.  Bonus!  I didn’t get a chance to try the french toast was my friend said it was really good.  The egg-soaked, thick slices of bread was topped with nuts and fresh fruit.  My friend commented that the fruit was excellent.  I tried a piece of the foie gras and have to say it’s one of the best I’ve ever had.  Seared to perfection with so much delicious fatty flavor.

My friend next to me had the tongue grilled cheese sandwich.  I was tempted to split this with someone else at the table in addition to my other meal but given the quantity of food, I’m glad we didn’t.  In any case, it looked delicious.  Nice large pieces of brioche bread, thinly shave meat and gooey cheese (a combination of brie and gouda).  On my next visit, I’m definately going to try this.

My other friend ordered the special which was another pork based dish that I can’t remember for the life of me.  I think it was pig face meat.  My friend seemed pretty impressed with the dish.  Upon leaving my friend and I were discussing the meat used in the dishes and he wonderded why they didn’t use the higher quality cuts of meat.  I had mentioned that it requires much more skill to make the lower quality cuts of meat taste good.  A tenderloin is almost always good but it takes a lot of skill to make tongue taste good.  This place is one of my new favorite brunch spots.  I’m not a fan of lines and I used to think it was a little ridiculous to have to wait so long for food.  Brunch at the Hoof Cafe though is worth the wait.

~ by jlowjlow on June 28, 2010.

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