Eating Vancouver: Day 5’s Brunch at DB Bistro (last meal in Van)

I insisted to my parents (who had been paying for all the meals) that we had eaten at enough fine dining establishments that we could just eat something cheap for brunch or lunch before I had to catch my flight back to Toronto.  After eating at DB bistro, I’m glad I listened to them since the food was delicious and at reasonable prices.  I felt like breakfast food so I went with the Benny.

This was simply a great dish.  The benny was cooked perfectly.  The eggs were soft, yolky in the middle, fluffy on the outside and flavorful all around.  The English muffins we crisp and soaked up all the excess yoke.  The Hollandaise sauce was good. Not outstanding but good.  I really don’t know what to expect of Hollandaise sauce anymore… do I want something thick and rich or do I want something that’s simple, lighter but delicious… this was something in between.  The Canadian bacon (which I think is just a fancy way of saying good ham) was also a nice touch.  The potatoes were perfect: crisp and well spiced just like the ones in my sister’s benny at the Market in the Shangri-La.  The salad had a nice light vingarette which blended perfectly with the rest of the breakfast.  My father opted for the DB burger.

Holy crap this thing was huge!  Sirloin beef with braised short rib, black truffle on a parmesan bun.  First off, parmesan bun… good call.  The burger was good but the only problem was that it was really tough to eat.  It was too big (too tall might be a better description)!  The quality of all the ingredients was great which made for a good burger but given you couldn’t enjoy all of them at once, like a normal burger, I don’t think I would go out of my way to order this again (especially at this price).

My sister had the duck poutine lyonaise. This included shredded duck (which there was a LOT of), onions, mushrooms, cheese curds, duck jus (the poutine’s gravy?) and a sunny side up egg.  Heart attack on a plate?  I would have thought so but it actually tasted clean and somewhat healthy (well… for a poutine).  My sister doesn’t have to worry about her arteries or waistline so… lucky her.  I could only afford a bite.

My mother had the Reuben sandwich, which both my father and I were tempted to order as well.  One of the things I love about eating with family is that everyone shares everything (or you at least get a bite of everything, which is why I’ve been able to blabber on and on about all the food I’ve eaten on this trip).  The Reuben was really good.  My father and I split the half that was on the bottom of the plate so the bottom slice of bread was a little soggy.  My mother said her half was perfect.  The rye bread was good, the sauerkraut was flavorful but not overpowering, I couldn’t taste the cheese (a little too subtle) and the corned beef was excellent (I only wish there was more of it).  It makes me wonder though, if there were more corned beef, would it have drowned out the rest of the flavors?  It was already a well balanced sandwich as it was.  With the Russian dressing, which was great itself, really balanced the whole sandwich.  On the whole this was just a REALLY good sandwich.  It is surprisingly hard to find a place that brings all the components of a sandwich together this well.  This one definitely ranks up there with the east coast institutions.

The food in Vancouver is pretty awesome.  In terms of fine dining it is a great place to visit. The chef’s can be adventurous and the execution is amazing.  How it compares to Toronto?  I would say the food is healthier, cleaner and perhaps lighter tasting compared to some of the rich plates served here in Toronto’s fine dining scene.  It’s really a matter of preference.  I would say the Toronto food is richer and more flavorful but the Vancouver food gives a more unorthodox and lighter taste on fine dining… and their seafood is much better.  In terms of cheap food, as much as I loved Japadog, Kintaro and Beard Papas, I would have to say the cheap dining scene is slightly better in Toronto.  I think Toronto just has better ethnic food in general but Vancouver definitely has some good cheap asian options that Toronto lacks.  Vancouver, until you and I meet again… 幸せな食べること

~ by jlowjlow on April 4, 2010.

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