Eating Vancouver: Day 4’s Dinner at Five Sails

This is one of my father’s favorite restaurants in Vancouver.  My father has a pretty high standard when it comes to restaurants in that they have to have the whole package: great food, great service and great ambiance.  I can see why he ranks this place up there.  First, the restaurant overlooks the harbor, Stanley park and the mountains. Talk about ambiance.

To start, they served us an amuse-bouche of mushroom ravioli with a warm cup of soup that for the life of me I can’t remember.  I remember saying it tasted like a cream of broccoli broth (without the cheese) but my mother said it was a beef broth with parsnip or something like that.  In any case, both were great.

My sister, mother and father ordered from the prix fix menu. I felt kind of bad seeing as how I was spending the same amount (actually a little bit more) and not getting the value of a three course meal. I like to think the dishes I ordered made up for it though.  My sister and father had the lobster bisque.

I had a small bite. I thought it was very comparable to Cioppino’s the previous night.  Again, light for a bisque but tstill very tasty.  My mother had the ravioli with fine herbs, fresh peas and ricotta cheese sopped with seared jumbo prawns to start.

Like the ravioli amuse-bouche, the pasta was tasty but the filling on this one was better.  Fresh ingredients and a lovely mix of herbs, vegetables and cheese.  I had the Show Our Colors.  It’s a Chef’s palette of multi-colored meat seafood and vegetable carpaccios with fresh pesto and organic greens.  Mine in particular came with beef, veal, scallop, beet, and a pepper carpaccios.

This dish was good.  Each meat was cool and refreshing. Mixed with the oil and spices (the pesto in particular) made for a tasty dish with a lot of variety.  For mains, my father had the Duo of Prime Alberta Beef which had a grilled rib-eye with black truffle sauce, Okanagan cherry compote and a braised chuck on kurri quash puree with potato parcel and ruqefort braised lettuce.

The meat was cooked perfectly and was as juicy as a steak at any good steak house.  I tasted something sweet under the braised beef and couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  The cherry compote or the puree perhaps?  My mother and sister had the pan seared sable fish with lemon grass  foam, wasabi infused whipped potato and young spring vegetables.

This dish was the show stopper.  I don’t how they can make fish this tender and tasty.  It was incredible!  For my main, I had the CATCH!  A 1/2 butter poached Atlantic lobster, seared Diver scallop, tiger prawn and fresh catch of the day (which happened to be halibut) all covered in a lobster emulsion.

The CATCH was a nice sampler of all the seafood delights that five sails has to offer.  The scallop had a lovely texture and a lot of flavor.  It was soft two bite treat.  The shrimp was good.  Bouncy and mixed with the lobster sauce was quite satisfying.  The lobster…awesome.  The halibut was a little overcooked but still quite good.  If there is one thing that this place does well, it is their seafood.  For dessert my sister had the Luxe Lemon Mille-Feuiles delicate layers of crisp phyllo pastry and chilled lemon cream.

I asked my sister to give me a description of what is was like.  All I can remember were words like, lemony and good.  It sure looked good.  My parents had the Chocolate AHHHH! A smooth chocolate parfait with mango and a giant sugar sail adorning the top of it.  This just dessert just looks cool!

After having a bite all I had to say was that the person who thought of mixing mango and chocolate is a genius!  The sweet citrus flavor with the smooth and rich chocolate was amazing!  All the dishes are plated beautifully and taste great.  The service is excellent and the view from the dining room is breathtaking.  Five Sails gets five stars from this hungry traveller.

~ by jlowjlow on April 4, 2010.

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