Eating Vancouver: Day 4 (daytime)

Once day 4 had rolled around I was pretty full but still wanting to try more places (after all, I don’t really take vacation so I might as well indulge myself).  For lunch, we went to a new place that just opened up down the street from my sister’s place, GyuDonYa which means Beef Bowl.  Ironically, only two of the four of us had beef bowls.  My sister tried the traditional beef bowl.

She didn’t seem particularly pleased with it.  She said she wanted more sauce.  Next time she said she would take it home, throw some more teriyaki sauce on it and then it would probably be better.  From what I saw, it looked very oniony, which she would have liked, but the beef looked a little fatty and gristly.  My father tried the short rib bowl.

I actually tried some of this.  The beef had a ton of flavor.  It must have been marinated for some time because it packed a lot of flavor, like the short ribs you would find in a high quality Korean BBQ place.  My mother had the vegetable curry combo, which in addition to having a curry bowl came with miso soup and (pickled?) vegetable sides.

She passed me half her miso soup which was pretty standard.  Better than an all you can eat sushi place but on par with a regular sushi shops like Japango in Toronto.  The curry was pretty good too.  It wasn’t spicy but sweet, a good sweet too.  It was a little lighter in flavor compared to a place like Manpuku but still quite enjoyable.  I had the chicken bowl in an attempt to be healthy.  The chicken was of pretty decent quality too so I felt good about myself after finishing.

The teriyaki sauce at the bottom of the bowl eventually soaked into the rice.  The rice was good too.  After lunch, we walked up Robson and along Granville so my sister and my mother could shop.  Two stores later my father and I decided to ditch for food and to watch some March Madness.  We ended up at Red Card Sports Bar.  We decided to share a pizza which is cooked in a wood fire oven.  I love a good wood oven pizza.  We had the hockey lover’s pizza which is basically a meat lover’s pizza with spicy sausage, soppresatta, some other meat and two kinds of cheeses.

The pizza was really good!  The crust was thin, crisp and cooked perfectly.  The crust was a little oily but I figured they probably brushed it with oil to crisp it up in the oven.  Considering how much meat was on it, it wasn’t overly salty either.  There was plenty of cheese too which I find is lacking in a lot of other places.  The weakest part was the tomato sauce which was still pretty good but not as rich as I’ve had at places like Trio, Libretto or Grimaldi’s in NYC (which to date is still the best pizza I’ve had).

Another thing I have to make note of is the beer in Vancouver.  The Granville ales and the BC micro brews are all really good.  They aren’t the type of beers you would get hammered off of but for rich flavor and enjoyment, they really fit the bill.  Don’t get me wrong, Ontario has a ton of great micro brews too but you have to go to special pubs to get them.  The BC bars seem to regularly stock the local brews. Anyways, just thought I would say if you’re in Vancouver and not indulging in the Okanagan wine (which is also awesome), have a beer.

~ by jlowjlow on April 4, 2010.

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