What’s in Milton… something delicious!

I rang in the new year with a group of Haligonians (as opposed to Halifaxan which I am told is a real term but used for people who live in Halifax but were not born there).  They began to reminisce about good times at the dome and pizza corner and I suddenly had a craving for a Halifax donair and garlic fingers.  After my trip to Halifax last year I came back to Toronto and was determined to find a Halifax donair.  I figured that Toronto is such a big city that they had to have it somewhere (which is my general assumption about most cuisine).  After some significant google searching, I found it, Halifax Donair and Pizza.  “Yes!  Great success!  But wait…where the hell is Milton?!”  It turns out Milton is a bit of a hike from downtown Toronto and since I didn’t have access to a vehicle, my donair fix would not be satisfied…until a couple weeks ago.

A group of us packed into my friend’s car and began making the journey towards Milton.  It really isn’t that far but with traffic and fog delays it took about an hour to get there.  Upon arriving at the tiny spot just off the highway we realized there wasn’t very much seating and it was more of a take-out place.  We entered the joint and it was packed!  The very friendly staff behind the counter was hard at work pulling pizza after pizza out of the oven and shaving the slices of donair meat off the rotating slab.  It was beautiful.

Our group ordered several donairs and a couple orders of garlic fingers.  The rest of the menu also looked appetizing with selections like donair pizza (which was amazing the last time I had it) and donair poutine which sounds a little sketchy but I’m sure it great.

The donair was excellent.  First off, it was huge and cheap.  In terms of taste, it is the closest thing I’ve had to a  Halifax donair outside of Halifax.  The meat was well spiced.  The donair sauce was plentiful and sweet.  They also included a good amount of tomatoes and onions which tasted fresh and was balanced nicely with the other ingredients.  The wrap bread was just okay.  It was a little moist.  I was expecting it to be a little crisp since they throw it on the grill but I found it a little soggy.  Other than that, the whole package was delicious.

The garlic fingers were good.  The portions were massive for what you pay and they give you a ton of donair dipping sauce.  It wasn’t as good as the garlic fingers I had in Halifax (could have used more cheese and garlic) but it was still really good.  I don’t understand why you can’t find garlic fingers anywhere else in the GTA.  Seriously, how hard can it be to make?!  Pizza dough, butter and a crap-load of cheese and garlic.  It doesn’t sound difficult but apparently it can only be found in Milton. 

Anyways, the whole experience was great.  The staff was extremely friendly and it seemed like they knew their whole clientele by name.  There is something to be said about good service.  My friend decided to grab some milk halfway through the meal and they gave it to him for free.  What nice people!  It may not be pizza corner, but Halifax Donair and Pizza serves up some damn good food and make you feel like you are on the friendly east coast.


~ by jlowjlow on January 30, 2010.

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