How is Cookie Monster not a diabetic!

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was arguing with a group of lawyers about the American constitution and equal rights for Muppets.  That’s right… Muppets.  I don’t quite know why I was so passionately arguing for the rights of Muppets but then again, I think my dreams have always been a little odd.  Later the next day I was thinking about my dream and cookie monster popped into my head (I know he’s not a Muppet but I guess I would consider him in the same class of beings… puppets… who I believe have equal rights too apparently).  It inspired me to write about a cookie place I had visited recently, a place where I have had some of the best cookies I have ever had in my life, Sweet Flour Bake Shop.

The place is located on Bloor… really really west Bloor.  We were coming back from Costco (I freakin’ love that place) and decided to grab a small snack at this place we had read about.  The concept is amazing.  You pick the type of dough (regular, peanut butter or oatmeal) and two things to add into it.  The selection of things to add is crazy!  They have tons a type of chocolate in chunk or chip form. a wide selection of nuts, a selection of sugary spread and other additions like toffee, butterscotch and dried fruits.

They prepare the cookie right in front of you.  They scoop in the dough, throw in some of the add-ins, mix it all in a bowl and then throw it into a small oven for baking.  It’s like an Easy-Bake Oven on steroids!  The cookies come out warm, chewy and wonderfully delicious!

These are the cookies we had.  The top left was regular dough with butterscotch and toffee.  It was delicious.  Sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet.  The top right is a shortbread cookie sandwich was a salted caramel spread in the middle.  It too, was amazing!  A little too sweet for me but nicely balanced with a hint of salt.  The bottom left is a regular dough, macadamian nut and white chocolate chunk cookie.  I love macadamian nuts and that’s not because half my family is from Hawaii but simply because they taste great!  Mixed with white chocolate… this cookie was just amazing.  The right amount of saltiness and sweetness.  They should really name this cookie “The Awesome!”.  The bottom right was a peanut butter dough, butterscotch and pecan nut cookie.  This cookie, like the other was tasty and delicious!  After sampling these four cookies I figured that given the ingredients, you can’t make a bad cookie.  The cookies only vary on their levels of awesomeness and deliciousness.  Also note, being the very cliche person that I am, I also had a glass of milk with my cookies (organic milk actually).

The staff and service is very friendly and everyone in the whole place seemed happy and jovial.  How can you not be happy with cookies like these.  If you ever find yourself on the west-end of Bloor.  Make a stop into the Sweet Flour Bake Shop for a cookie.  I promise, you will not regret it.  The cookies may be a little expensive for what they are ($2.50/cookie) but in my opinion, it’s well worth it.

On the subject of cookies, I feel I have to post this poem.  My friend who helped me write it thought it was lost forever.  

Satan’s Confection

For Robert

Each day a battle is waged inside of all people,
The clash between the armies of good and of evil.
‘Satan wins through temptation’ someone once wrote,
And today there shall be a deed of dreadful note;

At the door a lad hits upon something he craves,
A taste of which is an act his mother forbade;
“This is the product of baking all day,
And is not for boys who do nothing but play.”

What sinful sweetness resides in this treasure,
With chaste-less chocolate in the cup of measure.
Soft dough entombs the luscious chips,
Awaiting for the caress of tender lips.

The child sneaks across the kitchen eyeing his prey,
While the west yet glimmers with the streaks of day.
Discreetly he picks his way towards,
The jar that is full of rich rewards.

Inside the pantry this malevolent boy,
Creeps like a Greek within the walls of Troy.
With a yearning like the gods’ for ambrosian nectar,
He swoops on the mark as Achilles on Hector.

As broad and general as the casing air,
Is the perfection and wholeness of his prize so rare.
But as he bears the spoils away,
A voice seems to say “Repay! Repay!”

As he departs, the future he sees,
Napoleon asking him “Aimes-tu les biscuits?”
While in the background Nero lies roasting,
Listening to the sounds of Lucifer’s boasting;

“Destruction dwells in doubtful joy,
With his virgin mind did I toy,
Luring him on with taster’s delight,
I now possess this sinful sprite.”

What is the outcome? Who will prevail?
Will God succeed where conscience has failed?
Cherubs are silent as heaven awaits,
For boy and cookie to determine their fate.

Then he gazes at the cookie with something amiss,
“It is worth going to hell for a cookie like this.”

~ by jlowjlow on January 30, 2010.

One Response to “How is Cookie Monster not a diabetic!”

  1. Thanks for the nice write-up. We love hearing about making a good time for our customers — its why we are in business. Hopefully we see you again soon.

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