Ravi Soups

My parents arrived in town last Wednesday which means I’m going to be eating really well for the next little while.  The Canadian banks were also closed on Wednesday so I decided to take the afternoon off and try a lunch place I’ve been meaning to try for sometime now, Ravi Soups.  Unfortunately this place isn’t open on the weekend and it’s a little far to walk to for lunch during the week so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try it.

My mother and I walked into the crowed restaurant and began reading the soup and wrap lists behind the large and high counter.  I kind of snickered to myself since my vertically challenged mom was shorter than the counter (she’s not small, she’s fun-sized).  I decided to be healthy and get the free range chicken wrap with the curried apricot soup.  My mother, who is also a fan of spicy food, decided to get the curry lamb wrap and the porcini mushroom bisque.  We also ordered a steak wrap and another bowl of the mushroom bisque to go for my father who decided to stay in after spending the morning cleaning my bathroom (thanks again for that).

We found the last two seats at a large communal table in the back room.  The table top was a huge tree that appeared to be cut in half lengthwise which made sitting on the corner a little awkward, especially since there was a large gaping hole right in front of me.  The trays our meals were served on however alleviated this problem since the rotating wheel on the bottom of the serving tray fit nicely in the hole while the tray itself was large enough to straddle it.

The curried apricot soup was divine.  The spice of the curry was balanced by the light smooth taste of yogurt (very subtle taste) and the refreshing taste of the apricots.  The free range chicken wrap was a little dry and the sauce inside was kind of bland.  The array of veggies including spinach made me feel like I was eating healthy and I also really liked the flavour of caramelized onions.  The edamame beans inside were also a pleasant surprise.  The grilled wrap was also a nice touch and reminded me a grilled burrito from Burrito Boyz down the street.

My mother’s porcini mushroom bisque was delicious.  It had a strong truffle flavor but was not so overpowering that you couldn’t taste the flavour of the other mushrooms.  The soup base itself I didn’t think was thick enough to be termed a bisque but my mother disagreed.  The base was very rich in flavour but didn’t have the velvety texture that I expect from a bisque.

The curried lamb wrap was simply awesome!  The lamb was tender, juicy and mixed well with the curry spice.  The array of veggies was similar to my chicken wrap (also had edamame beans). There were also strips of mango inside.  At first I couldn’t put my finger on the sweetness I was tasting in addition to the curried lamb and then we saw the bright yellow strips shooting down the center of the wrap.  Like my soup, the mixture of curry and fruit excited my taste buds and left me feeling satisfied and refreshed.  My father had the steak wrap.  The good sized strips of steak were cooked medium and were generally soft.  My father didn’t make too many comments but given how fast he downed the wrap and the soup, I assume he enjoyed his meal as much as my mother and I enjoyed ours.  For 10.99 for the wrap and soup, it was well worth it.

~ by jlowjlow on November 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ravi Soups”

  1. I just wanted to leave a message saying how much I enjoy your blog. You do a great job of exploring all that Toronto has to offer. Your reviews are pretty thorough and I like that you review one type of food at various locations. just thought I’d show my appreciation. 🙂

    • Thanks! I didn’t think anyone outside of my group of friends read this. I’ll try to be less lazy and post regularly.

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