Petite Thuet and The Chocolate Burger…

I haven’t written in a while so as a result I have a backlog of places to write about.  I had originally planned maybe writing another post mid week but something strange happened tonight.  Several months ago I had noticed I was missing four forks from my set of eight.  I asked a few friends if I had forgot them on the patio upstairs, or maybe had taken them over to their places from some reason.  No one seemed to know where they were.  I felt like it must have been one of those Toy Story type of situations (where you turn around and everything comes to life) and my forks just got up and walked away.  Tonight, after writing about soup I thought I would get some long overdue cleaning done in my place.  As I was cleaning out the fridge I found my four forks, stacked at the back of the top shelf of my fridge behind a Costco size bottle of Teriyaki sauce.  HOW DID THEY GET THERE?!  What would compel me to place four forks in the very hardest area to reach in my fridge?!  I have been getting creative eating with spoons because of this?!  I felt like I needed to vent a little since I feel like this is one of those mysteries I will never solve so here I am, venting and about to tell you about a little dessert house/sandwich shop/cafe at 1 King St. West, Petite Thuet.


This Saturday I awoke at around 9am on a couch at a friend’s house.  We had planned on doing a chicken wing tour of the area but then it started to rain so we decided to sit tight and have a few drinks at the Granite brewery.  Excellent beer by the way.  After chatting over some cereal in the morning and realizing that Saturday morning cartoons must be a thing of the past (I think I died a little inside when we couldn’t find a decent cartoon on TV) I decided to take my friend to the black camel.  After walking home and diving into bed for a early afternoon nap a friend of mine phoned and asked if I wanted to grab something to eat.  “Ummm. Sure.  I can always eat!”  I hopped into the shower and we were on our way to Petite Thuet.  We were greeted by the friendly staff and began admiring the delicious desserts and confections behind glass showcase.  The desserts looked beautiful, it was like being in a museum of food.  Works of art in bite size form.

We decided to order a couple sandwiches, a couple regular size macaroons and one giant macaroon that the guy at the counter referred to as the chocolate burger.  First, the sandwiches.  We decided to go half and half and try two sandwiches. The first was a lobster salad sandwich.  I thought it was pretty good.  It had a good amount of lobster which made me feel like it was a deal at $9 since lobster is really expensive.  Most “salad” sandwiches I find have to much mayo and you can’t really taste anything else.  This didn’t have too much mayo and you could taste the flavors of the lobster and vegetables that were mixed in.  The bread was pretty good, nothing spectacular but pretty good.  It looked fancy so I think I was expecting a lot.

DSC09304The second sandwich was a jambon beurre.  I think it means that it is a fancy ham and cheese sandwich.  In all honesty, this could be the best ham and cheese sandwich I’ve had.  By other sandwich standards it was still pretty good, but no where near other great sandwiches I’ve had.  Then I asked myself, how good can the best ham and cheese sandwich be?  This is probably it.  The jambon was tasty and a little salty like good ham should be.  It was clearly cut right off a pig as opposed to the stuff you see at the Loblaws deli.  The cheese was smooth and the veggies were fresh.  The highlight of this sandwich was the bread.  Crisp on the outside, soft on the side, and lathered with a generous helping of butter.  So good!

DSC09305Now, the dessert.  I’ve never had macaroons other than the disaster of eating the really old display ones at Moroco up in Yorkville several months ago.  I asked my friend what they were exactly and she described them as cookies with a crisp outside that sandwich a jelly filling.  I picked up the bite size strawberry macaroon first and took a bite.  I remember my teeth passing through the layers and thinking that this is just as she described.  A very thin and crisp layer, followed by a cookie so soft it was almost as if it were right out of the oven, and then jelly.  Sweet, delicious, rich jelly!  The things were tiny and cost $2 a piece but given how good it was, I would definitely go back for more.  We also split a blueberry one which I thought was even more delicious than the first.  There was a part of me that wanted to go back to the counter and order more but I’m glad I didn’t knowing what we had in store for us next.

DSC09303The chocolate burger – a giant chocolate macaroon, half coated with chocolate, resting on a shortbread cookie that also had a layer of chocolate on it.  The guy behind the counter described the filling as being 85% coco chocolate mixed with caramel.  It sounded rich.  I was a little scared.  Those of you who know me know that I don’t eat chocolate.  I never really ate chocolate or drank caffeine growing up so when I get a little in my system I start bouncing off the walls. I already have a fair amount of energy so stuff like this would usually put me over the top and I would either need to run around, jump off furniture or I would get the shakes and become very jittery.  I knew I had to at least try it so I said I would only take a bite while my friend had the rest (after all, this was my third meal of the day and it was before 3pm).  My first bite, the cookie was very reminiscent of the little macaroons I have tried previously with the crunchy layer encasing the chewy cookie.  Then I hit the chocolate…WHOA!  I knew this was going to be rich and it didn’t disappoint.  I was easily coerced into a second and third bite after tasting the delectable caramel.  The mixture of the cookie, rich chocolate and caramel swirling around in my mouth put me in a state of food euphoria that I haven’t experienced for some time.  Here is a picture after a few bites to show the inner chocolate and caramel layer.  I took the picture and immediately sent it to my friend who loves chocolate to which he responded, “Dude!!! What is that?”

IMAG0130Needless to say I was a little wired after this meal but it was so worth it!  I know I said I wasn’t a big chocolate fan, but if there is anything that can convert me over it is this thing.  I think I could have those little macaroons as a dessert for every meal but I should exercise some self restraint.  This body doesn’t maintain itself… it requires conscience eating, exercise, limiting myself to one poutine a week, and watching the sweets….maybe I should have less poutine and more macaroons.  Hmmm something to consider.  Maybe I should leave a note for my forks and they can decide for me once I’m fast asleep.

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