Weezie’s – Speed dating food

About a month ago my investment portfolio had finally moved into the black after over a year of telling myself, “I should have just taken the money and flown to Spain” or “I should have just bought myself a nice meal”.  So, to celebrate, I decided to take a few friends out for dinner at this place I’d been hearing a lot about, Weezie’s.  We were driving down King St. west and my friends asked me if I know where it was and I responded, “It’s got to be somewhere around here.”  Of course, as I’m saying this we drive right past the place.  We turn around and drive back towards the restaurant looking for parking.  They decide to drop me off in front since we were running a little late for our reservation (door to door service…I love it).   I’m seated by the friendly staff inside and began looking through the menu and wine list.  My friends joined me and we ordered a bottle of white wine while perusing the menu.  Everything on the menu looked really good so we decided to order an entree each and share (well I guess this was more my idea since I wanted to try pretty much everything on the menu).  The idea was that we would all eat 1/4 of the dish and rotate.  I guess it’s kind of like speed dating your food.

My friend who was visiting from Kingston ordered a pasta dish.  I remember reading the name on the menu and had no idea what it was (the name escapes me even now).  It turns out it is a flat noodle pasta.  The pasta was also served with grated cheese, a pesto sauce and a light glaze that wasn’t too strong and balanced nicely with the pesto.  There was also a nice medley of vegetables to give some added flavor.

DSC07604Rotate!  The salmon was glazed with a sweet sauce and then seared to keep the juiciness of the fish inside.  It was nicely spiced on the outside as well.  It was served over greens and potatoes in a cream sauce that was quite smooth and rich.  The dish as a whole was very tasty and the fish was cooked perfectly.

DSC07607Rotate!  The scallops were excellent!  Perfectly cooked and I loved the sauce!  I find a lot of scallops come out kind of rubbery.  These were bouncy but still very tender.  The salad on top mixed in very well.  I probably could have eaten two or three of these on their own.  If there is one thing I’ve noticed about all the dishes is that all the ingredients all work really well together.  You almost need a huge mouth to fit in the little bits of everything (…well I guess you can just take smaller bites).


Rotate!  The last entree was the mac and cheese.  This could possibly be the best mac and cheese I have ever had!  This dish was clearly the winner around the table (i.e. the-pediatric-heart-surgeon-who-models-in-their-spare-time dish).  The mac was covered in two types of cheese (and a healthy portion of cheese too).  The dish was baked which made the top layer crispy.  I still remember working my fork through this dish.  Pushing through the crispy layer into the soft, steaming, cheesy inside.  I remember putting the whole mixture in my mouth, biting down and feeling the “crunch” on one side of my mouth and a squishy, gooey texture on the other.  Delicious!

DSC07605All four entrees were very delicious and well prepared.  All the ingredients melded well together and complimented each other beautifully.  My only complaint is that the portion sizes are a little small.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t overly expensive (four entrees and two bottles of wine for a little over $200 with tax and tip) and the quality is definitely worth what you pay but I just don’t like leaving restaurants a little hungry.  I guess I could have ordered more food instead of the second bottle of wine but it was a warm summer evening and with the breeze flowing through the front doors of this chic-looking corner bistro, wine seemed like the better choice at the time.

~ by jlowjlow on August 24, 2009.

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