Montreal Poutine

I have eaten more poutine in the past month than the rest of my life combined.  My arteries weren’t happy about my recent trip to Montreal but I figure  I only make it up there once every couple years so I might as well make it worth it.  Shortly after our arrival we stopped in the nearest pub and asked the waiter who had the best poutine in town.  He mentioned a place close by called La Belle Provence.  We replied that we would check it out later in the evening.  On our way out he stopped us and mentioned that he talked it over with some co-workers and told us to try Le Banquise across town.  Apparently they have one of the best poutines in town and a very extensive menu.  So, after an evening of drinks, bad pool playing and even worse bowling we made our way to La Belle Provence.

We decided to split two orders between the four of us which was probably a good idea seeing as the portion size was quite large.  I remember standing at the counter and watching them slop the fries onto the plate, sprinkle the huge cheese curds on top and then drench of mixture was a thick beef gravy.  My heart began to race in anticipation and then my friend asks the guys behind the counter, “Can you add more gravy?”  I swear, every time I eat with this girl she moves up higher in my books.  The fries arrived, swimming in a thick pool of gravy.

IMAG0017The cheese was squeaky and delicious.  The gravy was thick but didn’t have as much flavor as I thought it would given the thickness.  The fries were okay, very potatoey and not as crisp as I like.  The texture of the whole mixture was lovely.  We all left a little disappointed and thought the same thing, Smoke’s in Toronto is better… then we all wanted some Hogtown poutine.

The following morning we went to grab smoked meat from Schwartz’s and then made our way over to Le Banquise (I’ll write about the smoked meat soon).  Le Banquise is open 24 hours which would be a big problem if I lived close by.  We walked into the colorful restaurant and decided to split Poutine Matty.  Poutine Matty was a regular poutine topped with bacon, onions, mushrooms and green peppers.  We were looking for the Hogtown equivalent and this was the closest we could find on the menu.  We were all really full from Schwartz’s but managed to work our way through this delight.  Had it not been so good, we probably wouldn’t have finished.

IMAG0022The cheese was very squeaky and smooth.  The gravy was beefy and delicious.  The fries were crisp, thick and blended well with everything.  The additional toppings were also appetizing.  The bacon was thick and crispy, the peppers were soft but not soggy soft…well cooked soft, the onions and mushrooms were also perfectly cooked and were tasty additions.  All in all, I really like the poutine.  I was so full after eating though that I was very uncomfortable on the trip back but you know what, it was worth it.  As unhealthy as the weekend was, I like to think I burned off some of it since there were times where I was laughing so hard my abdomen started to hurt (to this day I’ve never met anyone who carried such a passionate hatred for PT cruisers).  There really is nothing quite like sharing a great meal and great laughs with some great friends.  Thanks for the fun weekend guys and for driving across town so I could get a smoked meat sandwich.

~ by jlowjlow on July 22, 2009.

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