Subcrawl 2009

“A Bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as the rest of his Bros are all doing it.”  – Bro Code, Article 2, Stinson and Kuhn, 2008.

About a month ago my friend threw a party at my place (thanks again for that buddy) and while speaking to a fellow partygoer there was mention of an event called, “The Subcrawl”.  I was intrigued.  “What is this subcrawl you speak of?” I inquired.  He said it is something he had heard of where you buy a day pass for the Toronto subway, ride from the top of the line all the way around, getting off at every stop, finding a bar and having a drink.  At first this didn’t seem to bad until we started listing off the stations.  It turns out there are 32 stations on the Yonge-University subway line.  Yeah, we’re not that stupid anymore so we decided to truncate the length and just do the Yonge line (17 stops… I didn’t say we were smart).  We started pretty late in the afternoon which we realize now was a mistake since last call is at 2pm and at some stops, you have to walk quite a ways to get to the nearest establishment.  Here is a list of the bars/restaurants we hit along the way:

Finch – Puck’n Wings – I really wanted to try their wings but we had just eaten before starting the festivities.  This will have to be a stop for a later date to try the wings.

North York Center – Ferg’s Bar and Grill – Nice patio but a bit of a walk from the subway station.

Sheppard – Frog and Firken – Typical Firken bar.  We were tempted to order the Irish nachos but opted for a McDonald’s hamburger on-the-go instead.  The Irish Nachos are like regular nachos but instead of tortilla chips, they use waffle fries…I know…GENIUS!

York Mills – Swiss Chalet – THERE ARE NO RESTAURANTS OR BARS ANYWHERE AROUND THERE.  I do love the chalet sauce though.

Lawrence – Trio – This place has been on my list of pizza places to try along with libretto (although I think pizza might have been ruined after going to grimaldi’s in Brooklyn).  After seeing everyone else’s food and smelling the aromas from the kitchen, I’ll definitely be back.

Eglington – Duke of Kent – Typical duke bar. We had a hot dog at the vendor outside the station.  I swear, Toronto had the best street meat in the world!

Davisville – St. Louis Bar and Grill – Hit and miss wings.

St. Clair – Scallywags – Great for watching sports.  Their sandwiches are well above average for pub fare.

Summerhill – Wylies – We realized we were moving pretty slow so we drank, paid and we back on the subway pretty quickly, especially in anticipation of the next stop which was the officially designated food stop.

Rosedale – The Rebel House – Ever since the trip to poutini my friend had been raving about the poutine at the Rebel house.  Naturally, this was a good opportunity to test out the recommendation.  We tried the poutine and the burger since I had heard from someone else that their burger is pretty good.

DSC00736First off, the fries were like really thick chips.  This was amazing!  It means more surface area to contact the cheese and gravy.  The fries were crispy and some of the thicker pieces still have the “crispy on the outside but soft on the inside” type of characteristic that I love about regular fries.  The gravy was a deliciously thick beef gravy that were practically licking off the plate upon finishing (well not licking but scooping up with the chip fries that came with the burger).  The only downside is that there could have been more cheese… but then again, I say that about a lot of things


The burger was a bison burger which are typically leaner than regular beef burgers.  As a result I find a lot of them a little dry.  This one, cooked medium, wasn’t dry at all. You could taste the smoky grill flavor in the meat.  The veggies were fresh and the bun to meat ratio was perfect.  I wouldn’t make a special trip for this burger but if I were in the area, I would definitely stop in.

Bloor – MoRoCo – Fancy dessert place with expensive drinks.  I felt it was all a little overpriced (which was expected since it is in the Yorkville area).  We had a banana split eclair (which was served with ice cream, whipped cream and a lot of powdered sugar) and these dessert spring rolls which also had bananas and really expensive chocolate in it.  My Rob Roy martini was also very delicious (I think they put in crushed marishino cherries).  Word of caution, the display macaroons should not be eaten (it says do not touch display for a reason).  The macaroons are why we went in the first place but they aren’t served that late.

Wellesley – Fox and the Fiddle – Caught the end of the UFC 100 fights.  Go GSP!

College – Hoops – Good wings and always a new staff (I don’t think I ever seen the same waitress there twice).

Dundas – 3 Brewers – A new microbrew place.  I’ll have to try the beer and food and report back.

Queen – Fran’s – Breakfast at 4am… always a good idea!

We arrived at Fran’s just before last call so we were not able to hit the last two stops on the line, King and Union.  Perhaps someday, in the not so near future, we’ll have to try again and finish the whole line.  I was pretty impressed that we all had made it to that point without being too stupid (with the exception of someone doing a shorts for skirt swap and something involving a really tight shirt).  On a side note, the evening was capped off with another poutine run, this time to Smoke’s (what a healthy day huh).  We tried the Hog Town Poutine (double smoked bacon, italian sausage, roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions on top of a regular poutine).  It was MIND BLOWING!  I think it was better than the traditional.  It was a little salty but nothing tastes better than a salty, greasy, heart-attack in a box after an event like this.

Perhaps I’m getting a little too old for events like this, I’m sure my liver would have to agree.  But I guess, as the quote above states, I am entitled to do something stupid every once in a while as long as my friends are doing it.  So… Montreal next weekend?

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