Caffe Demetre

Every Sunday for the past month or so we’ve been going up to Sunnybrook park to play soccer.  The first couple weeks made me realize how out of shape I truly am.  It took an entire week for my legs to recover after the first game at which point we played again and it took me another five days to recover.  As the weeks have passed, the recovery time seemed to get shorter and now I can enjoy a pastime that I haven’t indulged in for years, the post game beer.  Today, after an invigorating display of athleticism (on the part of my team of course, I’m still working out a few kinks) a few of us decided to grab a couple beers and cheap wings after the game.  During the discussion one of our teammates mentioned that she recently found out she was allergic to chocolate and strawberries.  I’m not much of a dessert person but one thought ran through my mind, “OH THE HUMANITY!”

After putting back a few pints and a pound of wings (each), three of us decided to grab some dessert from a place down the street call Caffe Demetre.  I have been to this little haven of confections a couple times and have always left feeling satisfied and a little guilty (sooo much sugar).  I was reasonably comfortable after wings and figured the smart thing would be to go home and skip dessert.  Unfortunately one of my companions has a sweet tooth that defies all reason (he once ate so many Cadbury mini eggs that his mouth was all cut up) so we ended up grabbing dessert.  My friend with the sweet tooth ordered “The Tongue Depressor”.

Demetre2The picture may not seem as impressive as it is in real life since there was a yellow tinge that seemed to be captured by my friend’s camera.  The Tongue Depressor is a crepe with chocolate paradox iced cream, fudge brownies, triple fudge sauce, with white and dark chocolate chunks.  He clearly really likes chocolate.  When I asked him how it was, all he did was nod since he appeared to be enraptured by the chocolate delight.

My other friend ordered the Texas Cheesecake Massacre.  It is a Bailey’s irish cream cheesecake, caffe D’s tiramisu goomba iced cream, triple fudge drizzle and sprinkled cinnamon.  I asked him what he thought of it and he responded with an “okay”.  I had a small piece and sadly had to agree.  I’ve had really good cheesecake in my life but this one just seemed, okay.

Demetre1I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate, which most people think is crazy, so I opted for the Strawbinsky sundae.  It is classic strawberry ice cream topped fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce served in a waffle cone.

Demetre3The yellow tinge in the photo kind of takes away from the red and pink brilliance that filled my eyes when this was placed in front of me.  It also tasted as good as it looked.  After finishing our desserts we were all uncomfortably full.  I posed the question, “So, was it worth it?”  Mr. Tongue Depressor responded with a resounding YES while I had to agree.

Upon writing this now I’m thinking of our new friend who joined us for the post game beer.  It is very unfortunate that she cannot enjoy these delights (or hopefully she can but in smaller quantities).  I think it would be difficult to live without chocolate and strawberries but I think it would be manageable given the vast array of other food options out there.  She told us if we are ever in Halifax we have to try a thing called “garlic fingers”.  The description alone made my mouth water.  It’s bread with garlic, cheese and bacon.  Those could be the four greatest ingredients EVER… that is until I went online and found a recipe where the author says he has made a few additions to bring an older online recipe up to Halifax Standards… he adds a lot of butter!  The FIVE greatest ingredients EVER!  I can’t wait to go to Halifax.  And Ms. Halifax, if you are reading this thanks for the travel tips.  I’ll remember to try the garlic fingers and stay away from “48-hour commitments”.


~ by jlowjlow on June 29, 2009.

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